Awards, Scholarships & Grants

Below you will find information regarding awards, scholarships and grants offered by the Michigan Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (MichMATYC). If you have questions about any of the items listed below, please contact the appropriate individual listed underneath each item.

Karen Sharp Student Scholarship Award

Established in 2000 by the MichMATYC Executive Board, the Student Scholarship Award recognizes an outstanding mathematics student each academic year. Beginning in 2012, the scholarship was named in honor of Karen Sharp, who had a fundamental role in the founding of our organization.

2018-2019 Application deadline: July 31, 2019
Scholarship Application Form

Contact Information:
Lisa Winch
Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Chair, Student Scholarship Committee

Previous Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient Institution
2018 Jeff Powers Grand Rapids CC
2011 Daniel K. Van Strien Grand Rapids CC
2010 Christopher S. Lach Macomb CC
2009 Hyun Kyung Moon Henry Ford CC
2008 Mary Grocholski Delta College
2007 Thanh Nguyen Grand Rapids CC
Matt DeYoung Kalamazoo Valley CC
2006 Amir Sabet Sarvestani Oakland CC
Dan Lambert Kalamazoo Valley CC
2005 Rebecca Rasmussen Alpena CC
Larry Chroraszewsk Schoolcraft College
2004 Meththayana Talagalage Schoolcraft College
Elizabeth Windsor Grand Rapids CC
2001 Yumiko Watanbe Grand Rapids CC
2000 Micah Straub Monroe County CC

MichMATYC Teaching Excellence Award

Since 1999, the MichMATYC Teaching Excellence Award recognizes the high quality of instruction occurring at Michigan’s two-year colleges. The selection criteria include instructional effectiveness and support of students, professional involvement and professional development activities, interaction with colleagues and service to department and college.

2019 Nomination deadline: June 30, 2019
Award Requirements (PDF) (Word)
Nomination Form (PDF) (Word)

Contact Information:
Laura Wicklund
Oakland Community College, Auburn Hills
Chair, Teaching Excellence Award Committee

Previous Award Recipients

Year Recipient Institution
2018 Jack Rotman Lansing CC
2017 Jon Oaks Macomb CC
2016 Lisa Winch Kalamazoo Valley CC
2015 Mary Roberson Delta College
2014 Julie Gunkelman Oakland CC
2011 Ria Thomas Southwestern Michigan College
2007 Susan S. Hollar Kalamazoo Valley CC
2005 Jim Ham Delta College
2004 Gladys Rockind Oakland CC
2001 Deb Zopf Henry Ford College
1999 Annette Magyar Southwestern Michigan College

MichMATYC Grants

The Michigan Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (MichMATYC) was founded to provide a venue for interaction between the mathematics faculties at community colleges across the State of Michigan. Our top priorities are to share ideas, consolidate resources, and plan for the future needs of community college students in the state.

In this spirit, MichMATYC is offering grants of up to $500 to support the activities of its membership. This money can be used for things including, but not limited to, innovative programs, events or projects that will significantly enhance a students’ classroom experience or professional development shared among regional institutions.

MichMATYC Grant Application

Contact Information:
Jon Oaks
Macomb Community College
MichMATYC Grants Coordinator